GSP Experts Train Youth Soccer Coaches

Level II-B Coaches Training

The ongoing Saudi Youth Sports Initiative (SYSI) program continued during the last week of January in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ten coaches were enrolled in this Level II-B Coaches Training, held at the Fisal Zahid Sports Park.

Each of the participants previously attended Levels I and II-A of the coaches training taught by GSP experts from the United States. Only those who has successfully completed the earlier courses were allowed to attend. Each coach was given a notebook on the first day and each day thereafter was given the pages of study, training and exercises for that day's training. Time was spent both in the classroom for preparation and explanations, as well as on the field in practicum. The final two days were evaluation days where the GSP experts, Coach Craig Lange and Coach Doug Williams, observed and examined each individual coach's practice plan and how it was  carried out on the field with players.

In the end, eight of the coaches successfully completed the course and were awarded their certificates. Over the next year they will be implementing their training with the respective teams that they each coach. Periodic visits by GSP staff and FZ Park directors will be carried out to provide on-going evaluation. At the end of the year, successful coaches will be provided an opportunity to advance to a higher level of certification.

Bravo to our experts on a job well done and to the coaches who attended each and every session.