GSP President Steve DeVoss promotes the Brazil 2016 Olympic Truce Campaign

“Making Peace on Earth a Reality this Summer”

As a member of the Supporters Group of the Olympic Truce Campaign and as an essential part of GSP’s global involvement, Global Sports Partners President, Steve DeVoss, promoted the Brazil 2016 Olympic Truce Campaign during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

Building on the momentum created by the Supporters Group’s meeting at the London 2012 Olympics and the affirmation of all 193 United Nations member states signing the Olympic Truce in 2011, Mr. DeVoss eagerly moved forward in advocating the idea of a period of peace during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

DeVoss met with Olympic delegations from numerous countries where GSP is active, soliciting their support for promoting the Olympic Truce

The goal of the Olympic Truce Campaign is to build a global network of peace ambassadors from the most vulnerable areas and cities in the world in order to promote the idea behind the Olympic Truce as a time of peace during the biggest worldwide sporting event. While one of the major action steps and measures of the movement, i.e. a One Minute Silence at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, could not be accomplished during this year’s Olympics, the Wall of Peace was erected in the Athletes Village. Many famous sportsmen and women put their signature on the wall to express their mutual support of the Olympic Truce. 

DeVoss and Global Sports Partners welcome all-comers to the cause. 

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