Sport Sponsorship Webinar in Amman

Jordanian sports businessmen gathered yesterday at the Ayass Hotel in Amman for GSP's first Sport Sponsorship Webinar Workshop. GSP Representative, Nicolas Corso, coordinated and facilitated the event, while Dr. Darin White presented as our featured keynote speaker.

Jordan Webinar Workshop3.jpg

The webinar workshop focused on educating local sport entity leaders about the importance of sponsorship, its dual-supporting benefits for both sport entities and sponsor companies, and how sponsorship can be utilized to strengthen the sports culture in Jordan. Dr. White shared a comprehensive presentation, acknowledging sponsorship's vital role in the global sports industry and introducing tactical strategies to generate sponsorship revenue. Participants examined a case study from Dr. White, which allowed them to critically think through both sides of the sponsor relationship- the entity's needs and desires and those of the prospective sponsor. 

Jordan Webinar Workshop2.jpg

After more presentation time, the workshop closed with Nicolas Corso giving a quick overview and insight into GSP's recently developed Sport Sponsorship Plan, which acts as a step-by-step guide for sport entities who are wanting to secure sponsorship relationships. Workshop attendees were able to get a first look preview of this product, which GSP has now brought to market, making it available for sale at the conclusion of the event.

Surveys were given before and at the conclusion of the workshop, helping entity leaders better understand where they currently stand in regards to sponsorship, and how they may be able to best utilize it to meet their needs. Participants came away thankful for all of the valuable knowledge they were able to attain in just a few hours.

Our first Sport Sponsorship Webinar Workshop was a great success, and it was rewarding to witness months of hard work, planning, and preparation come together to create a positive experience. Through events like this and its strategic daily work in-country, GSP remains committed to strengthening the sports culture throughout Jordan. We can't wait to see what's next!

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