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During the final week of May, Global Sports Partners’ personnel from around the world came together in Bobbio Pellice, Italy for the 2018 GSP SYNCHRO Conference. More than 80 employees, representatives, and strategic partners gathered together for the biennial, one-week event to receive direction regarding company standardization, strategy development, and professional training. Led by business professionals, the conference also included valuable workshops that provided key insights into personal and professional development. A few of the topics covered in these workshops included: Developing and Delivering Proposals, Social Media Marketing, Identifying Social Styles, Disruptive Insights, and Business Strategy.

In addition to the plenary sessions and workshops, GSP personnel enjoyed a variety of extracurricular activities: basketball, football, and ultimate games, table tennis matches in the evenings, tours of Bobbio Pellice, hikes in the beautiful Italian Alps, and local adventures to enjoy delicious local pizza and gelato (a company favorite).

SYNCHRO 2018 was an outstanding conference and will serve as a catalyst for our company for the years ahead. Rejuvenated by this week together, GSP personnel now return to their respective regions to continue in their roles as professional sports consultants and business people. Equipped with effective tools and deeper education, we seek to collaboratively increase sport participation and practice, improve athletic and administrative performance, and inspire purpose through sport to women, men, girls, and boys all around the world!