GSP Malaysia leads "Toss It, Throw It, Fun Day!"

On March 7, 2019, in partnership with the Foundation for People with Disabilities of Kelantan (YOKUK), Malaysia, GSP Representative Nathan Scott led a fun sports day for the organization's vocational students and other clients.

The Fun Day was built around the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and the character values that we learn from sport. Participants learned how to throw and catch frisbees, do relays, try new activities, and ended with a fun water balloon toss, which resulted in an all out water balloon frenzy! Each participant received a certificate after the program's completion.

Twenty students and fifteen staff / caretakers at YOKUK participated in the Fun Day. Three players from a local university’s ultimate frisbee team made the day even more special for the students.

The students, caretakers, and staff said that the day was just as intended — fun! Some said it using words, others said it by enjoying themselves playing the many games and activities! The staff expressed that the event was well organized and they were very thankful.

Project Director Nathan Scott said,

“It was a great experience to work with local community directors in promoting quality health initiatives. We were able to inspire the participants, staff, and caretakers to learn new activities and games that they can use at home. It was also neat to see how the university volunteers got involved, learned from the experience, and were so positive about investing their time.

For more information about how GSP serves the communities where we work, visit SportForward, our corporate social responsibility initiative.