Bulova China Soccer Camp Wrap-Up

For 6 days in late July and early August, Global Sports Partners hosted the Bulova China Soccer Camp on the campus of the Beijing Institute of Technology. More than 100 camp participants, ages 8-14, enjoyed high level soccer instruction and fun games meant to teach the value of sports in an individual's life. Parents of all participants were invited to attend the camp's closing ceremony, and over 100 parents came to see their child honored at the end of camp.

Basketball in Algeria

In addition to other ongoing ventures in North Africa, Global Sports Partners has placed an under-16 boys club basketball coach in Algeria. The team was formed in the fall of 2012 and recently completed its second year of competition together. In the past two years, all players have shown tremendous improvement in both basic basketball technique as well as team strategies: spacing on the court, movement without the ball, and the fundamentals of man-to-man defense. As the players have progressed, they have increasingly played "team basketball" rather than simply focusing on their individual skills.

Bulova Beijing Soccer Camp

Today kicked off the Bulova Beijing Soccer Camp, held at the Beijing Institute of Technology. More than 120 local youth are participating in a week of soccer training and fun, conducted by Brazilian Coach Lamartine Silva with assistance from many local coaches. The generous funding of the Bulova Foundation has made this camp possible, with on the ground coordination from GSP staff members in the US and China.

Saudi Youth Sports Initiative Phase II

June 2014 brought the conclusion of Phase II of the Saudi Youth Sports Initiative (SYSI) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. SYSI Phase II continued the "train the trainers" curriculum begun last year, instructing new basketball and football coaches and conducting boys camps in both sports. Three weeks of instruction and training took place between 8-26 June 2014, with all sessions held at beautiful Faisal Zahid Sports Park in Jeddah.

AJSS Basketball Camp

Global Sports Partners is pleased to support an exciting youth basketball camp taking place 12-14 March 2014 in Settat, Morocco. L'Association de la Jeunesse Sportive de Settat (AJSS), or the Settat Youth Sports Association, is conducting its inaugural camp "under the auspices of the Royal Moroccan Basketball Federation and in collaboration with the Delegation of the Ministry of Youth and Sport."

GSP + Elevate Basketball Academy

Beginning 1 February 2014, Elevate Sports-India, in partnership with Global Sports Partners, is proud to offer a new, one-of-a-kind basketball academy across the great city of Mumbai, India. Throughout the intial three-year partnership, Elevate Sports will administer the academy and GSP will provide basketball expertise, train and mentor Indian coaches, and oversee all basketball operations. The aim of the basketball academy is "to produce skilled, motivated, athletic players who thrive and grow in the competitive arena." The training will emphasize individual skill development while also teaching fitness, diet, and conditioning principles.

Former WNBA Player at Baghdad Youth Camp

The orphans came from all over the vast city of Baghdad, Iraq. About 15 girls and 25 boys ages 10-18 arrived at 8am Sunday morning, 23rd June 2013, eager to seize the opportunity to engage in sport and games at a well-known sports club! They had never been afforded such an opportunity, both to enjoy the sports club facilities and to interact with experienced American PE teachers and coaches, including Brittany Wilkins, a former WNBA player! This sports camp was coordinated by GSP in partnership with MRDS, an NGO with a contract to teach English to children from a local orphanage.

Saudi Youth Sports Intiative

Arriving early for each session, GSP Football and Basketball experts Gregg Schroeder, Adam Bush, and Ian Hughes devoted plenty of personal time to interact with the campers and enjoyed getting to know and understand a bit about the life circumstances of many of them.  All of the youth were enthusiastic and very grateful that Global Sports Partners would bring coaches to their neighborhood to conduct such a camp. The camps were made possible through the cooperative partnership between GSP and Jeddah United Sports Club and their assistance in preparing for this event.  Promoting fair play and good sportsmanship, the theme for the camps was, “Say ‘no’ to bad sportsmanship”.

Iraqi Student Brings Hope to United States

One of Global Sports Partners’ core services is facilitating exchange. Deb Packwood works in Iraq as GSP’s country coordinator. Upon selecting an Iraqi student and an Iraqi volunteer to travel to the USA for the World Youth Peace Summit* and the World Scholar Athlete Games*, the United States embassy in Baghdad tasked GSP with facilitating this exchange.