ReShape Egypt

ReShape’s strives to strengthen communities by developing leaders through unique and fun learning environments that address the skills and character essential to successful leadership.

Our main objective is to influence today’s youth who will become tomorrow’s leaders. However, in only reaching the youth, we have a very limited window of influence in their lives. To see real and lasting change, we also need to reach those with influence in their lives; primarily parents, teachers, and coaches.


Transform the sports community

Our programs demonstrate a different model of integrity and positive motivation. We assist players and coaches in reaching their potential while reflecting our values.


Equip young leaders

Our club, courses, and content train coaches, players, students, teacher, and administrators with the skills and character necessary for successful leadership and community change. We create a safe environment where people are free to share their struggles and seek help to overcome their challenges.


develop a sustainable business model

Alexandria is just the start. We believe that our distinctive approach is needed in other communities as well. We are developing a sustainable business model that can be reproduced and implemented across the Arab world.