Steve DeVoss, President and Founder

Steve DeVoss founded Global Sports Partners in 1992 and has served as the President and CEO for 23 years. Beginning with its initial establishment in Hong Kong, DeVoss has cultivated relationships and coordinated projects from the GSP International Office, moved to Cyprus in 1998. His work with GSP has taken him to more than 100 countries throughout the world, from the Himalaya to the Saharan desert.

Some of his pioneering accomplishments include taking the first-ever American sports team to North Korea, signing the first private company sports protocol with Afghanistan, and placing the first American basketball coach with Iran. In all his efforts, he displays a commitment to using the power of sport for social development, improving quality of life, and promoting mutual understanding among cultures.  

DeVoss has educational degrees in Literature, Sociology, and Theology. He played American football growing up, both receiver and safety, and went on to play catcher for the baseball team at Murray State University. In addition to founding GSP, DeVoss has also worked as a scout for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball.