Global Sports Partners is an internationally recognized sport consulting company offering customized sport solutions.

Global Sports Partners (GSP Consulting) has strategically placed representatives throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. GSP provides professional sport development services that improve performance, increase participation, and inspire purpose.


improve performance

GSP Consulting is committed to providing top-notch experts, initiatives and services that meet your specific needs as an organization.

Increase participation

The implementation of GSP projects and initiatives across age and socio-demographic groups develops a larger, more skilled talent base.


Inspire Purpose

Sport grows leaders. We are committed to educating coaches and players for success in our ever-changing world.


We offer customized sport solutions.  The process begins by listening to our clients, providing on-site expertise, and creating a customized plan of action to mobilize our extensive network of sport experts, all with the goal of leaving a longstanding legacy of success.  Our satisfied clients include professional, Olympic, club, university and recreational sports organizations. Our three core service areas are Administration, Performance, and Instruction & Training


Three Key Areas Of Sport Expertise


Here at GSP, we are interested in your success. We know that your needs are specific and require a particular person with a particular skill set.  We are experts at finding the experts you need to achieve success. Our process starts by analyzing which three areas of expertise GSP will work with you in.



Executive Sport Administration

Today’s sport executives must possess an extensive array of leadership and business skills. GSP helps clients develop the tools necessary to cast a vision for their organization...

Athlete Health & Performance

Successful athletic performance is the culmination of many hours focused on improving an athlete’s physical, mental, and emotional abilities. A holistic, athlete-centered approach provides resources for developing competitive athletes...


Instruction, Training, & Pedagogy

Long-term sport success is dependent on the transfer of knowledge to develop qualified trainers. Equipping and empowering sport leaders ensures the sustainability of an investment in sport organizations..


Founded in 1992, GSP Consulting is proud of its long and successful history of providing premium consulting services around the world.


Global Sports Partners is a truly global company, with sport consulting experience in more than 65 countries. Our history of successful work is the foundation for international recognition and good relationships in many nations.



"The word partners is very important, because we operate by partnership. We have intimate relationships with the countries where we work. We don't just go do a contract there. We have a long term relationship."

- Steve DeVoss, President and Founder of GSP