GSP Tunis Introduces the Game of Ultimate Frisbee

GSP Tunisia Reps, Jared and Abi, have introduced the game of Ultimate Frisbee to the young men and women of Tunisia. GSP’s work normally involves supplying sport federations with high quality services in the field of sport development and training. However, as an important part of our corporate mission GSP pursues opportunities to introduce new sports into local communities in order to encourage physical activity and increase participation in sport. The game of Ultimate Frisbee is a fun and interactive sport that allows individuals of all ages and skill levels to participate.

GSP Tunisia is developing a dedicated group of men and women who are learning how to play Ultimate as well as building a new sport community. Coming from different sport backgrounds that include football, wrestling, judo, track, and many who have no sport experience at all, the Ultimate players have united around a new banner with a vision to grow the sport and compete at a high level. Playing Ultimate in Tunis has created a unique environment that allows Tunisians of all performance levels and backgrounds to work together and reach new goals.