Tunisian U18 Girls' NT Basketball Camp and Coaching Clinic

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Global Sports Partners recently partnered with La Fédération Tunisienne de Basket Ball (Tunisia Basketball Federation) for a one-week basketball training project in Tunis. This project spanned from Sunday, June 24 to Saturday, June 30 and had two simultaneous facets: a seven-day U18 girls' national team basketball camp and a two-day women's basketball coaching clinic. GSP Tunis brought in two basketball coaching experts from the United States to lead the players' camp and administrate the coaching clinic. 

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The Tunisia Basketball Federation selected 16 girls from multiple club teams to form the Women's National Cadet Team or U18 National Team, who participated in the player development camp. Each day of camp was split into three sessions: a two-hour morning practice, a classroom session about the philosophy and mentality of the game, and a two-hour afternoon practice. Throughout the course of the week, practice sessions were focused both on individual talented development and team-oriented training with the goal of growing well-rounded, multi-skilled players.

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Ten local women's team coaches took part in the two-day clinic, administered by GSP's coaching experts. Coaches were trained to communicate, teach, and develop their players by the most effective methods. Additionally, the participating coaches underwent technical and tactical training, learning how to become better practitioners and in-game strategists. 

Players and coaches had a wonderful response to the camp and clinic, glowing about how much each of them learned and improved, and expressing their appreciation for the expertise. This project was a tremendous success for our experts and local representatives, and we are thankful for everyone who came together to make it possible.

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"Both camps with Global Sports Partners have been great. The Tunisia Basketball Federation hopes to continue this relationship. Coaches and players have all given good feedback from their experiences with the camps and clinics." - Mr. Mohammed Toumi, Technical Director of Tunisia Basketball Federation

Global Sports Partners and the Tunisian Basketball Federation will continue in our professional partnership, as we remain committed to seeing the sport of basketball strengthened at all levels of play throughout Tunisia. GSP Tunis looks forward to conducting more training camps and clinics in the months ahead!

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