Former WNBA Player at Baghdad Youth Camp

The orphans came from all over the vast city of Baghdad, Iraq. About 15 girls and 25 boys ages 10-18 arrived at 8am Sunday morning, 23rd June 2013, eager to seize the opportunity to engage in sport and games at a well-known sports club! They had never been afforded such an opportunity, both to enjoy the sports club facilities and to interact with experienced American PE teachers and coaches, including Brittany Wilkins, a former WNBA player! This sports camp was coordinated by GSP in partnership with MRDS, an NGO with a contract to teach English to children from a local orphanage.

Iraqi Student Brings Hope to United States

One of Global Sports Partners’ core services is facilitating exchange. Deb Packwood works in Iraq as GSP’s country coordinator. Upon selecting an Iraqi student and an Iraqi volunteer to travel to the USA for the World Youth Peace Summit* and the World Scholar Athlete Games*, the United States embassy in Baghdad tasked GSP with facilitating this exchange.